Monthly Detox Routine

With all the artificial stuff put in our foods and drinks these day’s it’s hard to know if you are eating healthy food, even if it say’s it’s organic or is a piece of fruit or veg it may have been sprayed or treated with some type of pesticide at some point.

You can of course wash various foods that claim to be organic just in case, but eventually you will reach a point where you will feel heavy and groggy and have to find a way to rebalance.

You may already be drinking pure or filtered water and that will certainly help, but at the end of each month try eating some plain natural foods for a few day’s and drink some detox tea with that and avoid anything artificial, and/or anything that has coffee or any other form of stimulation and detox your body of any of the toxins you may have; you can also sit in a steam room for an hour to clear pores of your skin, as that too will help.

Also as part of your monthly routine you can try to clear your mind of all the stress and take a day outside somewhere and leave your tech at home and just empty your mind of all the day to day clutter and rebalance your mind; like a nice walk through a country park for cycle ride for example.