Pro-biotics For a Healthy Gut

If you regularly have uncontrolled random moments of breaking wind after eating certain foods, it may be worth changing your diet to prevent this problem. Sometimes though it’s not always possible and you may find yourself limited to what you can eat due to various food intolerances.

The good news is that there are pro-biotics that will help give you back some control of your bowels. You can get pro-biotic drinks like Actimel, pro-biotic vitamins like Multibionta and even various pro-biotic yogurts.

The best choice out of all of them are the Multibionta pro-biotic multivitamins as they contain a unique blend of minerals that help give you stability for up-to 8 hours. Obviously if you are really intolerant to food like beans, mushy peas and mushrooms for example, then no pro-biotics of any kind will help fully solve that problem; at best it’s usually going to dull the usual effects of those foods you are intolerant to that sit in your gut reaking havoc for a few day’s until they have passed through your system.