Avoid Bad Breath and Stay Orally Fresh – Freshen up your lifestyle

For a good health/fitness/lifestyle bad breath can be a sign of major gum disease. It’s also a side effect of more than 100 drugs from cold tablets to penicillin which decrease the amount of saliva in the mouth causing what is known as ‘dry mouth’. If the following steps are adhered then bad breath can never be a problem for you.

Avoid highly spiced foods like garlic, onions, chilies, salami, strong cheeses or smoked foods. They re-circulate through essential oils left in your mouth. Drink plenty of water. Coffee, beer, wine, whisky leave residues that infiltrate the digestive system so that for some time afterward each breath expels traces of them back into the air. Try natural breath fresheners, chew up a few sprigs of parsley and garnish your sandwich with parsley. Cloves, fennel, anise seeds are also effective breath fresheners. Mix together a small amount of each and carry a small bag of them so you can chew a few after meals.