Eye Makeup techniques for quick and easy application

A perfect knowledge of the eye makeup techniques will make a woman look like a diva. Every person has a different way of decorating their eyes depending upon the skin tone and the shape of their eyes.

Gray eyes woman can use eye shadow of.

· Blue.

· Black.

Women with brown eyes:

· Brown tones.

· Espresso.

Women with blue eyes:

· Cream shades.

· Navy blue.

Woman with hazel or green eyes:

· Brown.

· Green

· taupe

While applying eyeliner, a person should have a great practice. Eyeliner should be applied drawing a straight line from inside to the outside lid. While applying mascara, a person should look in the mirror, place the brush on the lashes and move it from inside to outside.

The type of eye makeup will reflect your personality. Therefore, it is very necessary to know the eye makeup techniques. It will make a woman look beautiful and will make a remarkable impression on others too.