Green Tea Extract – Does it cause chest pains?

Green Tea extract is a natural substance. It is a herbal derivative from the green tea leaves, also know as Camellia Sinesis. Over the years it has been heavily publicised about it’s antioxidant ingredients and how they help remove deadly toxins and free radicals from the body. Such radicals can sometimes start cancers and other nasty illnesses.

The extract from green tea has packed full of green tea catechins, also known as GTC and it is this substance that many look for who pursue healthy lifestyle. The substance originated from the Indian and Chinese areas where they have used green tea for hundreds of years.

The health benefits are enormous for something small and delicate as this hot drink is. Some have mentioned that it relieves headaches, aching body parts and works as an all round healer to improve necessary life expectancy and boost over health, mood and even fitness.