Dealing with headaches effectively and safely

Almost everyone will suffer with headaches or pains at some point during their lifetime. Whether going through a stressful time, or working too hard, headaches can be a debilitating issue for some. Knowing the ways to alleviate the pain can really help. The first thing to know is that headaches can easily be exacerbated by being dehydrated. Remember that the brain is made up of 70% water, so by drinking…

When is the best time in the day to fit in a workout?

Deciding to go for a workout is a fantastic thing to do for your body and mind, but have you ever thought to yourself that you simply don’t know when to do it? There is no right or wrong time to exercise, but depending on the goals you have, you might want to fit in your exercise at different times during the day. Morning workouts are a great way to…

Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy – is there a need to “eat for two”?

Having a healthy diet is important throughout life, however it is especially important when growing a baby! Here are some tips to help prepare new mothers for what to eat during pregnancy for a healthy body and baby. It is vital to eat a wide range of fruit and vegetables in order to get lots of vitamins and minerals. They also contain high amounts of fibre which can aid digestion….

Protein: should we worry about how much we consume?

High protein diets were once only really linked with athletes and body builders. Now, more people than ever are concerned about their protein intake. There is some belief however, that too much protein can do serious damage. Protein is an essential nutrient for the body. It is found in virtually every cell in the body and helps the body to repair and grow. Protein is made of amino acids –…

Maintaining a happy smile – tips for making sure your teeth are healthy

Strong, white, healthy teeth are all signs that we are looking after our oral health well. If your pearls are less than perfect, here are some tips to bring back the shine. Firstly, to have healthy teeth, we should start with a healthy diet! Include plenty of calcium rich foods like leafy greens, milk and low fat dairy. Also try to reduce the amount of added sugar in your diet….