Poor Health Within Great Britain: The 3 Biggest Killers.

The department of health reports that the three biggest killers in England are: Liver disease, Heart disease,  and Respiratory diseases, which account for a high number of unnecessary deaths a year; the department of health estimates that as many as 30,000 of these deaths can be avoided.

Liver disease:

It is reported that the biggest cause of mortality and morbidity rates increasing in England is as a result of liver disease and related illnesses, which have been caused by obesity, reckless and harmful drinking, and un-diagnosed infections.

Heart disease:

Factors such as obesity, smoking and having high blood pressure have resulted in a high number of deaths each year in England. These deaths may have been available with regular health checks and by targeting the common causes and working with people to prevent them.

Respiratory diseases:

The largest contributor to respiratory related diseases is smoking, along with exposure to  exposure to fumes, chemicals and dusts in the workplace; though Smoking continues to be the biggest risk factor for developing conditions such as Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

However thanks to the smoking law that was introduced in 2007 through the countries of the UK, the rates of COPD related heath conditions have fallen. Though much more work needs to be done to further decrease the rates of un-necessary deaths.