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Ateronon For a Healthy Heart

There has been much controversy surrounding the various vitamin and health supplements available to buy, claiming that people are overloading their systems unnecessarily with vitamins, minerals, etc… that they would normally get naturally from a balanced diet. However that being said, because of the busy world we live in at present people don’t always have time …

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Practising Proper Hand Washing

Many people just wash their hands quickly thinking it will be sufficient enough, but often it’s not enough to clean the bacteria from their hands; especially if they have handled raw meat or been to the toilet. You should wash your hands with clean, running water (hot, warm or cold) then apply soap. When you …

Personal Health

Pro-biotics For a Healthy Gut

If you regularly have uncontrolled random moments of breaking wind after eating certain foods, it may be worth changing your diet to prevent this problem. Sometimes though it’s not always possible and you may find yourself limited to what you can eat due to various food intolerances. The good news is that there are pro-biotics …